Obsolete does not necessarily mean used

It is one of those myths that seems all too pervasive that once a machine becomes obsolete (that is, no longer supported by its original equipment manufacturer), it becomes nigh-on impossible to source brand-new parts for it. Part of that myth, of course, is perpetuated by the OEMs themselves. After all, if a machine has been discontinued, the odds are good that they have an improved or upgraded model that they are looking to sell. You can hardly blame them for concentrating their efforts in that direction.

Obsolete, but still in use

As the premier repairers of factory automation and stockists of machine spare parts to the manufacturing industry, we are often approached by companies looking to replace a part in a machine that, though completely serviceable, is currently obsolete. They come to us in the hope that we might be able to locate a used or second-hand part that will serve them well enough as a stop-gap since new parts are no longer available. To say they are surprised when we can offer them the very part they’re after, brand new and sealed in the original packaging, would be an understatement.

Decades of experience

We have been supplying spare parts and repairing machinery in the industrial automation industry for decades, and we never throw anything away. We have parts and components from legacy and discontinued products that span the past thirty years. When paired with our highly skilled and professional team of engineers, this means we can offer the same level of support, service, and repair as the original manufacturer would have.

A multi-global network

Sometimes we don’t have the part you want in stock but, even then, we are busy working for you. Over the decades we have been in business, we have formed contacts within hundreds if not thousands of companies worldwide, many of whom make up part of our trusted network of suppliers. If there is an unopened and unused spare part out there, we’re confident we can find it.

If you’re looking for a spare part to a discontinued machine, contact us today and let us find a new one for you.