Industrial Automation: Is it time to upgrade parts of your control system?

Most control systems are comprised of field instruments which are connected to I/O cords, that are then fed to a PLC controller. The more modern your control system, the easier it will be for your facility operators to communicate with the PLC through an up-to-date human machine interface computer.

When is the right time to upgrade?

It is worth remembering that the lifespan of a HMI computer is similar to that of a standard desktop PC, but the components within PLC controller systems can last much longer. Because replacing a whole system is a large investment, many operators are struggling to use dated, slow machines which still work but don’t offer optimum efficiency. It can be hard for managers to decide when it is the right time to budget in the replacement of a control system.

One of the most obvious signs that parts of your system need replacing is when it is no longer functioning at optimum performance. When old parts become obsolete Pro Servo can source replacements which ensure your business can avoid a costly replacement of a whole control system. It is not worth struggling by with a poorly functioning machine, which could leave your facility out of action when replacement parts can be sourced.

Why upgrade parts of your control system?

Many businesses choose to upgrade a fully-functioning control system with replacement components because it can increase efficiency. It could be worth doing the sums to see if updating parts of your system with new components could reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, as it may not take long to recoup the initial cost outlay. This flexibility allows facility owners to add improved technology to their systems, without the large cost of a whole new control system.

For many companies a full control system upgrade is not possible, due to budget constraints. However, careful sourcing of components can lead to a number of benefits to facilities including; increased communication capabilities, energy efficiency and mobile access through mobile devices and cloud-based software.

For more information about control systems and the various components and upgrade options we can source, please contact us.