Pro-Servo is not just a one-trick pony

Here at Pro-Servo, we recognise the importance of your factory running smoothly. You may have used us in the past – for example, in an emergency to supply you with a motor or drive.

Did you know, though, that we offer a range of services all designed to ensure that the machines you depend upon are working as they should? Here are just 4 ways we can help, other than in an emergency:

  1. Obsolete parts

We stock a massive range of machine spare that date back over 30 years. Pro Servo can work as an Equipment Support Partner with your business, meaning that we can protect your machinery against obsolescence. By using our carefully fostered network of trusted suppliers, we are able to find replacement parts for machines, even when the manufacturer has declared them obsolete. Whether the parts are new or refurbished we are often able to offer very low prices for hard-to-get items.

  1. Repair service

Pro Servo also offers a repair service. Using our dedicated test rigs we make sure every item can be fully functionally tested. We only repair items that can be properly tested, which offers peace of mind to our clients. The cost of drawn-out repair work can be huge, so we are dedicated to getting your machines up and running as soon as possible.

  1. Refurbished and used parts

The cost of equipment through Pro-Servo is discounted against manufacturer’s list prices, which means we represent a very attractive option for those seeking new machine tools. We can also provide used and refurbished parts, which means an even greater saving.

  1. Removal

As well as repairs, and the sale of crucial equipment, Pro-Servo also can assist with the removal of your old machinery. This is a comprehensive purchasing service, meaning that if you simply want to remove the equipment, we can help you using our expertise in shipping. But if you are looking to sell your old machine parts, we might be able to purchase them from you and even arrange collection. All you need to do is call or email us with a list of what you are looking to remove or sell.

See – we’re not just a one-trick pony!