A day in the life of a Sales Agent at Pro Servo

Your team is everything to you when you’re a Pro Servo sales agent. While your day might be complex, challenging and rewarding in equal measure, it’s the happy and relaxed office atmosphere that helps bring it all together, and makes starting every new day at work a pleasure. What started out as a daunting task with lots of information to learn has become so much easier, thanks to my team and the flexible environment. There is no such thing as micro-management, and I’m free to make my own decisions around how to structure my day. I can tailor my own client approaches, and come up with my own innovative ideas, with confidence that Pro Servo will listen as well as support me on my way to success.

They say you should love what you do, and at Pro Servo I can honestly say that I do just that. I love dealing with people – one of the key skills as a sales agent – and I get the opportunity to harness my people skills every day. Plus, thanks to Pro Servo’s great CRM support package, I’m free to get on with what I do best with technology supporting my work, not holding me back. Not everyone gets to do something worthwhile with their lives, but when I go to work I get the satisfaction of helping people with solutions they actually want, and I can help their businesses grow and thrive.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of coming home and being able to say, ‘I saved the day today’, but that’s exactly what you can do at Pro Servo. From parts emergencies to equipment failures, it’s your responsibility to make sure your customers have the tools they need to do the job, and it’s up to you to step up and deliver when nobody else can. To be able to come up with the solution, to get them the parts they need at a fair price, and to have them back up and running – sometimes on the same day? There’s no better feeling. And the best thing is that this is my everyday, here at Pro Servo.