The four questions you need to ask before pioneering a new process

The food and beverage industry is ripe for innovation and investment in new technology. However, even if you’re ready to blaze a trail with a new way of processing, it’s worth asking yourself the following four questions based on lessons learned from previous transformations in the industry.


What’s the lead time on your new equipment?


The chances are that if you’re introducing a completely new piece of equipment or a revolutionary new process, it will take time to do the basic engineering. After all, your equipment provider will be as new to this technology as you are, which means it will take some time to come to grips with the best way to proceed. You’ll need to factor this into your time to market to make sure your timings are accurate and feasible. Don’t rush to market only to find you can’t deliver.


What’s your budget?


Obviously, you’ll need to be prepared to invest to get your new process off the ground, but have you planned for all contingencies? Unplanned for costs can quickly derail your project, so consider working with a strategic partner who can help you innovate successfully and within your stated budget.


Will your current layout work?


The chances are that with a substantial investment in new equipment, you’ll find that your existing layout no longer works for you. You need to think carefully about the space you have and how you can make it work in the future. Will the success of your new process mean that you’ll require bigger premises? When you sit down to develop your long-term strategic planning, you’ll need to consider how you can scale your space for future growth.


Do you have the time to get it right?


It really is critical that you do your research and truly understand the impact of a new process or new technology before you fully commit to it. Of course, speed to market will play a big part in your thinking, but you need to get it right before you plunge in unprepared. It’s worth taking the time to work with all stakeholders because getting it right first is always better than being first but wrong.


If you do decide to stick with trusted older machinery, you might want to consider stocking up on spare parts that are sometimes difficult to get hold of. That’s where Pro Servo can help. We can source the parts you need to keep your existing business up and running.