How HMI systems are at the centre of your operation

HMI, or Human Machine Interface, might sound like it belongs in the annals of the creepier Sci-Fi section of the ...
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Avoiding high costs
with obsolescence management

An inevitable element of owning technological solutions is that they will become obsolete over time. Whether a component, a method ...
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PLCs and PACs
Which one is right for you?

PLCs and PACs are industrial computers for use in manufacturing. They are both used for the same purpose. Both are ...
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Where can you find lesser
known brands?

We regularly hear from customers looking for lesser known brands in addition to some of the leading brands we stock ...
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Industrial robotics market growth outlook with industry review and forecast by 2024

A growing demand for automation robots from small and medium-sized businesses along with continued investment from enterprise level companies is ...
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How ageing components impact your servo amplifiers or drive

No matter how well made your servo amplifiers or drives are, there’s still a chance that the components in these ...
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Could automation show we’re not hard-wired to work?

The coming automation revolution will have a profound effect on our economies and societies, and one of the most important ...
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Industrial Automation: Is it time to upgrade parts of your control system?

Most control systems are comprised of field instruments which are connected to I/O cords, that are then fed to a ...
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A day in the life of a Sales Agent at Pro Servo

Your team is everything to you when you're a Pro Servo sales agent. While your day might be complex, challenging ...
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The four questions you need to ask before pioneering a new process

The food and beverage industry is ripe for innovation and investment in new technology. However, even if you're ready to ...
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