Why you should consider an automation installed base evaluation

Failures of control systems for any automated systems are a potential occurrence that every plant owner should be aware of and prepared for. You might never need to worry about it; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. An easy way to prepare for a potential failure in a control system is by performing an automation system installed base evaluation.

What data should an evaluation uncover?

An evaluation should be more than just writing a list of all of your parts. It should be an in-depth analysis of all of your critical assets and the current working condition of the parts. The evaluation is designed to help you to develop a strategy that you can have in place in the event of failure by helping you collate lifecycle data on any ageing equipment you have. This can then help you to discover whether or not any of your components are heading towards being outdated or obsolete.

Why have an evaluation?

As your systems age, it is incredibly important that you take the time to identify and eliminate any problems that may arise from having a dated system. Automation products need looking after; as they begin to reach the end of their expected lifespan, sourcing replacement parts for the machines can become quite difficult. Having an effective strategy in place in case of failure will give you the time to consider all of your options before a breakdown of equipment can occur. Any plant equipment going down is a production team’s worst nightmare. Having a plan in place for the possibility of this occurring will allow you to protect your financial and business interests if the worst should happen.

Future-proof your operation

Here at Pro Servo, we understand that any issues caused by damaged or broken down machinery can have a severe impact on many aspects of not only the production flow, but the whole business itself too. We pride ourselves on being able to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them maintain their efficiency and mitigate the risks involved with ageing automation equipment. For more information on how we can help keep your production flow moving for the future, contact us today.